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Jones & Crane


This Adorable Video Accurately Describes Our Show!

This cute little girl is singing her heart out, then her little brother interrupts and totally kills the vibe!
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TASTE TEST: Jones & Crane Try Kale!

Eating Kale LIVE! Watch us struggle to eat raw, organic greens in one of our weirdest "'Taste Test‬'s" ever...
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The Amazing Power of Strangers to the Rescue!

AMAZING. Watch as a large group of strangers come together and flip a car over to save a driver that lost control of his car!
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SHOCKING: Man Flies Off of Water Slide!

This is everyone's worst nightmare at a water park. Watch as this Dallas man gets flung from a water slide!
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This Bulldog Doesn't Need Water to Swim!

No water? No problem! This adorable pup hops into this empty kiddie pool and still tries to swim! So funny!
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A Wild Boar on a Beach?!

SHOCKING: Watch as a wild boar swims out of the sea, onto the beach, and unleashes fury on the surprised beach goers!
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Man Tries and FAILS to Extinguish the Olympic Flame

Watch this hilarious failed attempt at extinguishing the Olympic flame on it's journey to Rio!
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Trooper Saves Bikini Clad Woman on Busy Highway!

CLOSE CALL: You've got to see this amazing footage of a trooper that grabs a woman that was walking around a busy highway while wearing a bikini!
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Dog Thanks Woman for Giving Him Water!

A sweet woman helps this dog to drink water and it's safe to say that he is very appreciative. See the beautiful moment, here!
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Backyard Chickens in Sarasota County!

CLUCK YEAH! Listen to the hilarious exclusive audio from the 'Chicken Workshop' celebrating backyard chickens in Sarasota county!
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