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This Cat Massage Video Will Make You Cringe!

You gotta see this video. It looks like it was made years ago and it describes, in great detail, how to please your cat with a massage. It's so hard not to cringe with how cheesy this video...
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The 6th Annual Wiener Dog Derby Photos!

There were a ton of wieners at our 6th Annual Wiener Dog Derby and they came to race! This was one of our most competitive races we've ever had and you can see all the photos, right now, by...
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Jelly Bean Roulette: The Reactions!

We played a horrible game of 'Jelly Bean Roulette' using Jelly Belly's 'Bean Boozled' type of jelly beans. Here are just a few of the reactions, live in-studio!
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Cats Being Jerks.

Two videos of cats just being flat-out jerks. This chubby cat really doesn't want anything to do with a little dog that just wants to cuddle. JERK.  And this cat is really adamant...
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Super Bowl Commercial Features Slo-Mo Wieners!

A new super bowl commercial for HEINZ features adorable slow-motion hot dog dachshunds! Guaranteed to make you smile! And if you liked this video, you'd love our 6th Annual Wiener Dog...
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An Oddly Compelling Bee Gees Lip Sync!

Some people don't think lip syncing is a talent, but this guy has perfected the craft. Check out this perfectly hilarious lip sync of 'Nights on Broadway' by the Bee Gees! BONUS VIDEO:...
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Tian Tian the Panda is Enjoying the Snow!

At the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C., Tian Tian the panda is loving all the snow. Look how cute he is rolling around in it! 
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Baby Girl Falls Asleep on a Toy Train!

This adorable little girl is wiped out and decided to take a nap on her brothers toy train. So cute!
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Broadcast Backgrounds: Elderly Man Steals!

In this edition of Broadcast Backgrounds, an elderly man has an internal struggle, then decides to steal a chair. Watch it and episode one, below: Here is the original Broadcast...
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A Cute Little Brother Saves His Sister's Phone

This little boy sees his sisters phone inside of her guitar while she was recording and saves the day! It's precious!
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