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Jones & Crane


Battle of the Flag

In honor of anyone who has served our beautiful country and those who paid the ultimate price, here is a dedication to them all: Battle of the Flag.
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Baby Copies Dog for a Treat!

This adorable baby sees the doggy dancing for a treat and wants to join in on the fun! So cute!
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A 6-Month Old WATER SKIER?!

These parent's claim to have the world's youngest water skier at an incredible six months old! But how young is TOO young?
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Water Bottle Toss: Is this Talent? We Give it a Try!

This teen's talent is so simple, yet challenging and it makes the crowd go CRAZY! So we wanted to give it a shot! See the original and our attempt!
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An Opossum Eating is Cuter Than You Might Think

Opossums get a bad wrap as scavengers and roadway nuisances, but this video shows a more intimate side as it eats and apple. Check out some surprising cuteness!
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Only Star-Wars Fans Will Get Know How Great This is!

You've got to hear this and see if you can identify the Star Wars character just by the sound this door makes! This is awesome!
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This Giant Octopus Kite is Amazing!

You're going to need a very windy day to get this one up, but you've got to see this incredible octopus kite in-action!
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Iconic Cellphone Ringtones Played on Piano

Can you find one of your past ringtones in this amazing piano performance? So many are hidden in this video!
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What Do YOU Think? Meteorologist Told to Put on Sweater!

This KTLA meteorologist is told to put on a sweater on live TV because they were 'getting emails' on her dress. What do you think of it?
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Turtle Crashes Through Windshield and Survives!

Check out this amazing story and see the pictures from this turtles crazy journey on I-4!
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