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Drew Thomas


How to be Cool (According to a Video Game Magazine From 1982)

Here’s something to take ya back – it’s a lesson in arcade etiquette from the early 80’s.     SEE IT HERE
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The Most Caloric Dish at 40 Chain Restaurants

Even if you're a fast food lover, you probably want to draw the line before getting to these dishes. According to   HealthGrove , these are America's least healthy fast-food meals...
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Cops: Man stuffed python in pants at pet store

Meet the Florida man who was busted trying to steal a python from a pet store by stuffing it in his pants.  And the bonus mugshot goodness is included and pretty much answers any questions...
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Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas expedition on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer

NOAA is exploring Marianas Trench with a submersible and are bring you along for the ride!  Enjoy live streaming coverage.     CHECK IT OUT
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Dad arrested for DUI, kids in the backseat

We have a Father of the Year candidate – a Florida man was arrested for DUI with his kids in the backseat.  Oh but wait…his blood alcohol level?  Cops were amazed he...
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Fallout 4 gets Oculus Rift support thanks to open-source project

Thanks to an open-source project, the video game Fallout 4 gets Oculus Rift support for full virtual reality.     CHECK IT OUT  
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Florida man charged over illegal dumping of goat carcasses

Meet the Florida man arrested for improperly disposing of goat carcasses.  I bet that’s not a headline you see every day.  Bonus mugshot goodness included.   CHECK...
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A Brooklyn pizzeria has created a pizza box made out of … pizza! It is actually a square box made out of pizza crust and toppings.   CHECK IT OUT
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"6 x 9: A Virtual Reality Experience"

Here’s a new virtual reality experience that’s already winning international awards…the concept is cool but not the subject matter.      SEE IT...
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Psychics claim cash is possessed, con victims

A pair of self proclaimed psychics pleaded guilty to scamming two women out of $245,000.   Bonus mugshot goodness included and oh by the way, if someone tells you that your money is...
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