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Drew Thomas


Kong: Skull Island gets its terrifying first trailer

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He left his family and started a new one using a dead man’s identity, police say.

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Submarine Returns With New Footage Of Creatures Living In Earth's Deepest Abyss

NOAA’s submarine explorer has returned with some incredible footage of living creatures deep in Marianas Trench:
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Man charged after leaving phone in court filled with child porn.

If you’re going to store child porn on your mobile phone, you probably shouldn’t forget and leave behind in a court room:     SEE IT HERE
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Huge 'X' found at centre of Milky Way galaxy

See what new object astronomers have found at the center of our galaxy.     SEE IT HERE
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Police arrested a New York man after he posted video of himself stealing a Jeep

We have another idiot who posted a video of himself committing a crime on social media.  Bonus mugshot goodness included:   SEE IT HERE
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Manhattan's underground park may finally see the light of day

Checkout the concepts for an underground park planned for Manhattan.      SEE IT HERE
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Trooper risks life to save bikini-clad woman running across Interstate

A bikini-clad Nevada woman had to be saved by a State Trooper after being spotted walking across an interstate.   SEE IT HERE  
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A Lego Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza Machine Exists

A Lego Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza machine is an actual thing, thanks to Denmark.     SEE IT HERE  
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Skincare brand Nivea came up with an interesting campaign to get kids to wear sunscreen. It’s called "Care From The Air," and it’s a robotic seagull that “poops”...
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