We came across an article in the Herald-Tribune that asked the Suncoast for a new tourism slogan for Venice. So we decided to ask the Smartest Listeners in the World for some of theirs. Here are some of our favorites:


Kerry- Venice: Vacation for Life

Theresa- Venice: Come for Winter, Stay for the Beauty

Kerry- Venice: Where You Forget How to Drive

David- Venice: Where You Come to Rest in Peace

Gregory- Venice: Land of Newlyweds and Nearly Deads

Laurie- Venice: Why Go to Italy When You Can Go to Florida

Kerry- Venice: Where the Only Snow Here is On the Roof

 Lori- Venice: Where Incontinence is King

Shawn- Venice: City of Sun 'n Fun

Mark- Venice: Sharks Teeth and False Teeth

 Jill- Venice: Come for the Beach, Stay for the Dance Parties

Theresa- Venice: The Gateway of Paradise


Read the full article here: www.HeraldTribune.com